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AIFA promotes an independent public information, targeted on general public and healthcare professionals, in order to properly disseminate a drug culture based on ethics and transparency, to promote a safe and appropriate use of medicines and to guide therapeutic choices on the basis of scientific evidences.

 In particular, the communication activities of the Agency aim at the creation of a trustful relationship between Institutions and citizens and at the promotion of synergic relations with the Association of Physicians, Pharmacists, Consumers and Scientific Societies.

 In order to promote correct and independent information, AIFA uses all means of communication, choosing from time to time among the ones considered as the most appropriate depending on the targets and the objectives.

Communication campaigns on institutional issues of great social impact are realized to reach the general public; whilst the website is intended for Internet users in order to promptly provide all the information about AIFA’s activities and all updates and insights related to medicinal products commercialised in our country.

 AIFA also promotes and organizes events and conferences within the exhibitions of major importance at national and international level, to show insights and activities to the general public and healthcare professionals.


Foto di Renato Massimi

Press and Communication Office

Substitute DG Regency: Renato Massimi 
Phone: +39 06 59784419
Fax: +39 06 59784805

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