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Pharmaceutical Policy

Belonging to the Economic Strategy and Pharmaceutical Policy, the Economic Strategy of Pharmaceutical Products Department of AIFA is responsible for the research and the analysis – both at national and international level - of current and future scenario in the context of access to drugs, innovation and pharmaceutical expenditure, in order to outline the prospective development of the pharmaceutical sector and consequently adjust the Agency’s strategies and activities.

In accordance with the objectives set by the Board and the Director General, the Department establishes models and procedures in particular to:

  • encourage investment in Research and Development in Italy in the pharmaceutical sector, through specific Framework Agreements;
  • sustain the use of generics medicines;
  • foresee the effects of the impact on pharmaceutical and health expenditure of technological innovations, of changes in population trends and resources allocation;
  • suggest updates to the pricing and reimbursement system on the basis of the comparative analysis of pricing and reimbursement of medicines and generics in other European countries and worldwide.

Economic Strategy of Pharmaceutical Products Department

Head of office: DG Regency


Data aggiornamento: October 2018
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