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The system of social security and health services arising out of the Beveridge report (1943) in England and Wales, and set in place in 1948. A NHS System is financed through general taxation (central or regional) usually covering all inhabitants/residents. The scope of services rendered is identical for every person covered and most services are offered by public institutions. In some countries people may opt for a complementary voluntary health insurance for services, which are not covered through the NHS. [Source: PPRI Glossary]
List of medicines which cannot be prescribed at the expense of the third party payer. [Source: PPRI Glossary
A new molecular entity (NME) includes new chemical entities (NCE) and biological entities. A new chemical entity (NCE) is a pharmaceutical that contains no active moiety, i.e. without any molecule or ion, but including those appended portions of the molecule that cause the drug to be an ester, salt (including a salt with hydrogen or coordination bonds), or other noncovalent derivative (such as a complex, chelate, or clathrate) of the molecule, responsible for the physiological or pharmacological action of the pharmaceutical substance. It is a chemical molecule developed by the innovator company in the early discovery stage, which after undergoing clinical trials could translate into a pharmaceutical that could be a cure for some disease. [Source: adapted from Food and Drug Administration Website]
A nurse is a person who has completed a programme of basic nursing education and is qualified and authorised in his/her country to practise nursing in all settings. Nursing professionals assist medical doctors in their tasks, deal with emergencies in their absence, and provide professional nursing care for the sick, injured, physically and mentally disabled, and others in need of such care, or they deliver or assist in the delivery of babies, provide antenatal and post-natal care and instruct parents in baby care. [Source: EUROSTAT. Definitions and data collection specifications on health care statistics (non-expenditure data)]
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