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edited by AIFA’s Office of Osmed and HTA


This item comprises medical and paramedical services delivered to out-patients. An out-patient is not formally admitted to the facility (e.g. physician’s private office) and does not stay overnight. An out-patient is thus a person who goes to a health care facility for a consultation/treatment, and who leaves the facility within several hours of the start of the consultation without being “admitted” to the facility as a patient. It should be noted that the term “out-patient” used in the OECD-System of Health Accounts has a wider meaning compared to some national reporting systems where this term is limited to care in out-patient wards of hospitals. In the SHA, all visitors to ambulatory care facilities that are not day cases or over-the-night cases, are considered out-patients. [Source: OECD. A System of Health Accounts]
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